Awaken yours
Favorite moment of life

Seamless hero videos

Awaken your favorite moments
to live

Seamless hero videos
Don't let your favorite videos collect dust

Our most beautiful moments with our loved ones usually gather dust in our photo folder on our cell phone. How much good mood would these videos bring if you watched them more often?

14 day money back guarantee

We are confident that our digital frame will appeal to everyone.

For this reason, you can send the device back if you don't like it.

So give it a try, you'll love it and if not, you have nothing to lose.

Digital photo frame for your favorite videos

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Unless another deadline is specified in the respective offer, the goods will be delivered domestically (Germany) within 7-14 days , for deliveries abroad within 10-15 days after conclusion of the contract (if advance payment has been agreed upon, after the time of your payment instruction).

The device has 1GB of storage space, which can accommodate many videos.

1. Save the video in portrait format. (On iPhones you have to click on the corresponding video -> "Edit" -> on the "crop symbol" at the bottom right -> you can then rotate the video at the top left

2. Load the video to the computer in the correct size.

To do this, visit: on your computer. And link your WhatsApp to your computer (under settings -> linked devices -> add device

Then send you the video and download it.

3. Connect the device to the computer using the included cable and upload the file to the appropriate folder. (When connecting to the device, make sure that you push the cable in until you hear a click)

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The package includes the digital picture frame, a charging cable and the matching socket plug.

If you use the recommended instructions to play the videos on the device, there is space for approximately 33 videos with a total storage space of 1 GB.

Shipping takes approximately 7-14 days for the device to arrive.

We are confident that you will love your new digital frame. If this is not the case, you can return the device within 14 days of arrival. Simply write us a short message.

The device can play images and videos with sound.

The following image and video files are supported:


Images: JPEG, png, jpg, GIF